Offline activation for single device

Installation and activation via Google Play Store is the preferred way of getting CVTz50. It is fastest and usually cheapest.
However in case if Google Play Store is not available or cannot accept the paymet, or device which will be running CVTz50 cannot be connected to Internet, CVTz50 can be installed manually and activated using Offline Activation. This method is usually more expensive and does not allow transferring of the license from one Android device to another.

Offline activation how-to:
  1. Install demo version CVTz50 DEMO and make sure that it is able to connect to the vehicle and recognize engine and CVT
  2. Pay for activation. Full version of CVTz50 will be available for download after the payment
  3. Download CVTz50.apk using the link received after the payment and write down Serial Number which will be shown after purchase. It is not needed to enter serial number in CVTz50, however the Serial Number is required for receiving Activation Code
  4. Install and start CVTz50, select Offline Activation and write down Device ID
  5. Go to Activation Request Interface by entering purchased Serial Number at the bottom of this page, then enter Device ID and request Activation Code
  6. Enter recieved Activation Code in CVTz50 activation dialog
Offline activation price for one device is around $4 plus payment processing fee.

Already have Serial Number? Request activation:
Serial Number:

In case of any problems with activation please contact us by email